A Foreign Home: My life as a South African-Mozambican

Apart from its high levels of crime, South Africa has a lot to be proud of. A young South African citizen named Mpho Maotwe with an interesting upbringing can sure testify.

 Mpho grew up in Soweto, Meadowlands but originally comes from Mozambique. The young lady was born in our neighboring country but was brought to South Africa for different reasons by both parents (Danito and Orlane) who were Mozambique citizens.

Orlane lived with her grandparents in the capital city of Mozambique which is Maputo while her parents were in SA. Her mother conceived Mpho at the age of 16, which pushed her to come to South Africa for a chance to of having a better education for herself and her baby.

Danito came to South Africa for job opportunities and found his first job as a vehicle mechanic as that is what he specialized in. Danito came to South Africa with his sisters who are still living in S.A and frequently visit their home country.

Mpho was then raised by her maternal grandparents in S.A and went to a primary school in Meadowlands and High school in Dobsonville Soweto. With only two siblings from her father’s side, she tries to maintain the two relations by keeping contact. Her brother (Edison Mohumane) who lives in Mozambique keeps her posted about the happenings of their home country and brings light to Mpho’s vague memories of her childhood in Mozambique.

According to Edison, Mozambique is a beautiful country and known for its colonial Era architecture, wide range in wild life and breath taking beaches. The official language is Portuguese and Swahili. Mozambique being a less developed country makes it hard for people to get jobs hence Mpho’s father came to South Africa. He further mentioned to Mpho that although the country is beautiful in its form, human rights are still being violated and innocent civilians are being killed.

With the little knowledge that she has of her birth country Mpho mentioned that if she had to choose between living in Mozambique and South Africa, this country would definitely be to choice. “The level of education keeps on increasing in South Africa” she said, which seemed to be reason enough to give our country high praises. The young lady further mentioned that regardless of job scarcity in South Africa, it is easy to start up your own business and make a life out of it which is what makes her happy about being a citizen here.

Mpho mentioned that South Africa has been kind to her and her family as she went to good local schools and is now working as a Dental assistant. Orlane is working and studying for nursing and her grandparents are now retired.

By Lineo Khabele for African View News

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