Attacks launched at the people of Jongei, South Sudan

Who should be held accountable?

The attacks that took place in Jonglei State, South Sudan resulted in 32 civilians being killed, amongst them are three children.

The three children drowned in the river while attempting to escape the state because of the attacks that were allegedly carried out by the Murle Youth. It is also said that during the attack, some civilians sought shelter in Bush areas.

According to the United Nation (UN), the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) responded to the violence with shock. “Children are paying the heaviest price of the continued sub-national violence in the South Sudan”, said a representative of UNICEF.

However, the Greater Pibor Administration Area (GPAA) Youth Union made a press release, where they rested the allegations made against the Murle Community.

“We are here to condemn this false allegation levelled against Murle Youth in strongest term possible. The attackers are believed to be the supporters of the two Bishops who are fighting over ECSS leadership in Bor, Jonglei state, not Murle youth who attacked them.”

The GAA Youth also called out the people of Jonglei to not cause more problems as their youth never carried out the revenge attack to the people Jonglei.

The United Nation Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) released a statement where it calls on authorities to carry out timely investigations and that the perpetrators be held accountable. They also urge groups and individuals to take immediate action to avoid further escalations that will endanger vulnerable people.

Speculation on who’s behind the attacks and investigations are still underway.

By Lineo Khabele for African View News