DENOSA calls for reconsideration of Police officer’s armed entry in SA Healthcare facilities

The Democratic Nursing Organization of South Africa (DENOSA) has called for reconsideration of allowing armed police officers to enter Healthcare facilities after a fatal shooting in Tembisa hospital, east of Johannesburg.

Not long after 08H00 on Wednesday morning, a shooting was witnessed at Tembisa hospital. Witnesses said that an on-duty police officer in a state owned vehicle entered the healthcare facility’s emergency parking lot where he called his partner, a 30 year old nurse. The police officer then opened fire at the nurse upon her arrival then turned the gun and shot himself. The gunshot was fatal for the nurse, however the officer is in a critical condition in hospital.

DENOSA has urged law enforcements to ensure that if the police officer recovers he faces the full might of the law for killing a nurse and abusing privilege offers of entering healthcare facilities armed.

The hospital then closed for incoming patients to debrief and give counseling to the patients and staff who were at the scene. The police helped divert people who were coming to the hospital to nearby healthcare facilities so that the witnesses could be interviewed and statements could be taken.

“We are still conducting preliminary investigations and we will go back and check the history between the officer and the partner since we can’t confirm for now if there’s any history of domestic violence”, the police spokesperson at Tembisa briefed.

The hospital then opened for operation hours later. After debriefing the Tembisa hospital team the MEC for Health, Dr Nomathemba Mokgethi visited the family of the deceased in Midrand.

By Lineo Khabele for African View News