‘Eskom must start over and stop fixing’ says Eskom Chief Andre de Ruyter

Embattled South African power utility Eskom CEO Andre de Ruyter says starting over instead of fixing will remedy the loadshedding problem facing the country. Lately, Eskom has been battling to keep the lights on.

During a virtual media briefing held yesterday, de Ruyter said that “buying a new car is much better than fixing an old one”.

“Loadshedding is here to stay due to challenges that we cannot solve”.

De Ruyter said Eskom needs 10 to 12 billion rand to spend on maintenance. “The generation feed Eskom is using is 41-years-old on average. Eskom is not focused on getting funds to maintain the old generator because the problem will persist and that would be more expenses. Eskom is aiming to buy a new generator”. He however said Eskom is not at liberty to comment on government policies.

The calls for De Ruyter to step down were made after Eskom continued to roll out loadshedding across the country. On Monday, Eskom moved the country from stage 2 to stage 4. “Rather than to fall back to the trap that Eskom has been in over the past ten years, when we had eleven different chief executives, that lack of continuity clearly has contributed significantly to instability in the organisation. I believe it is important to continue on the path that we have taken. I understand there are frustrations”, responded de Ruyter to mounting calls for him to step down.

He said Eskom planned to lift load shedding on Saturday.

Written by Jones Maleka for African View News