Google appoints Zimbabwe’s James Manyika as Senior Vice President

Google has appointed James Manyika as the company’s first Senior Vice President of Technology and Society.

Manyika, who is a former University of Zimbabwe and University of Oxford graduate, will report directly to Alphabet and Google Chief Sundar Pichai, and will work with outsiders as well as internal staff.

He’ll help build leadership on technological impact at the company, Google said, and will focus on top-level, longer-term initiatives.

Manyika serves on Harvard, MIT, Oxford, Stanford and other top institution’s research boards. Before assuming his new post at Google, he worked at McKinsey Global Institute where he was chairman and director.

Google’s move comes as the company is facing a host of antitrust lawsuits, increasingly tougher regulations and protests over its treatment of employees.

Image credit: Mckinsey Global Institute

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