Life & Times of Fallen SA Legendary Actor Patrick Shai

South Africa mourns the tragic death of legendary actor, Patrick Shai. The 7de Laan actor died by suicide on January 22.

Patrick Molefe Shai was a South African actor and Director. He was best known for the roles in the television series and shows. His impressive body of work includes Soul City, Generations, Zone 14, Ashes to Ashes, Zero Tolerance, Uzalo, 7de Laan and many many more. He was one of the founding members of Free Film Makers of South Africa.

He was an activist against Gender Based Violence and founded Khuluma Ndoda organisation, a Men’s Social Wellness Programs designed to enable and empower men in the fight against gender based violence, domestic violence and femicide.

Shai’s death leaves South Africans devastated as he was slammed because of a video he made in his last days. Despite the outcry following the video, the people whose lives were touched and changed by the veteran stood by him.

One of the people who had a positive and uplifting encounter with Shai is Thando Radebe, who’s in the LGBTQI community who met the legendary actor in 2015. Radebe was still an event planner when she first worked with Shai at one of his Khuluma Ndoda events.

Khuluma Ndoda is a movement founded by the late veteran which opposes all kinds of Gender Based Violence. “Working with him was amazing, we met prostate cancer survivors who were willing to learn more about the LGBTQI community and disregard the stigmas” Thando recalled.

People who have worked with Shai know when he is joking and when he is not, according to Thando who believes the backlash from the video was blown out of proportion.

Thando feels that what made Patrick Shai stand out is his inclusiveness and his eagerness to learn about things he did not understand.

“I’m thankful for the day I bumped into him, he was like a father to me” Thando expressed.

By Lineo Khabele for African View News

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