Ordinary South Africans Switch to Solar Power

Doornkop residents with no power (electricity) are fed up with waiting for South Africa’s power utility Eskom to deliver.

The five streets that are faced with power outage still have no power. The residents had found someone from the competing power supplier to fix their broken transformer (power box) who was later warned not to proceed with arrangements.

The five affected streets in Doornkop were not the only ones that faced a power outage, the other residents who also had the same problem and same solution had Eskom taking down the links used to fix the transformer. Having to witness Eskom taking down power in the other streets that were having power problems, the five affected streets decided against going ahead with fixing their transformer without any authorization from Eskom.

One family in the five affected streets decided on switching to solar power. Renewable energy has been overlooked for so many years by South African citizens as it was labeled as expensive and is for wealthy people; however it is finally making its way into SA homes.

With no hope of the transformer being fixed by Eskom anytime soon Mr Themba Sibidla moved from generator to solar power. He mentioned that the reason behind him moving to solar is that it is cost effective compared to using a generator and it is not noisy.

Sibidla said he would advise the affected residents to move to solar energy as it helps with moving to a more sustainable environment and is the only option that is going to save them money as petrol prices are at a rise for the ones using generators.

By Lineo Khabele for African View NewsFollow us on twitter: @africanviewnew1