SA Civil Aviation Authority suspends Comair operations

The South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) has grounded Comair’s planes indefinitely over unresolved safety issues, in a move that also affects low-cost airline Kulula and British Airways, leaving hundreds of passengers stranded.

SACAA said it had extended a 24-hour precautionary suspension of Comair’s operator certificate indefinitely.

The suspension was meant to end on Sunday, but Comair has not adequately addressed all the necessary safety issues, according to SACAA.

“We communicated to Comair that their air operator certificate is now indefinitely suspended until they close all of the findings,” SACAA spokesperson Phindiwe Gwebu told Reuters, effectively grounding the company’s fleet of Boeing aircraft.

Comair said it was unable to confirm when it would start flying again, after working through the night to provide documentation to SACAA following a review of certain policies, systems and procedures.

“This is a huge blow to our customers, employees and the flying public as it effectively takes 40% of the capacity out of the market,” Glenn Orsmond, Comair Chief Executive Officer said in a statement.

Gwebu said the airline will remain suspended until they are able to close all of the findings that were raised regarding safety.

Source: sabc/reuters

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