SA marks World Milk Day

South Africa celebrated an unpopular yet insightful initiative with the Western Cape’s Minister of Agriculture. He joined the staff at the Outenique Research farm in George to mark the day.

As the day may come as a shock to a lot of individuals, the first Milk Day was celebrated 21 years ago on the 1st of June and was established by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

What a lot of people also do not know is that the dairy sector generates economic growth globally the same way it is now enjoyed globally.

This initiative was initially established to lay out the opportunity of shedding some light on the important role the milk and dairy sector plays.

In a statement released by the Minister of Agriculture in the Western Cape Dr. Ivan Meyer said that the Western Cape Department of Agriculture developed the SmartAgri plan in 2016, which is currently being implemented to ensure a climate change resilient agriculture sector and that the search efforts at the Outenique farm, being a milk farms pastures a research facility.

According to the World Milk Day Organization, this year’s theme highlights the work already being done to accelerate climate change and help reduce the dairy sector’s impact on the planet.

The milk production in South Africa has grown by 7.2% over the period of January 2015 to January 2022, which indicates an increased output per cow.

 The ‘Empowering Youth For Sustainable Dairy Production in Nigeria’ aims to draw attention to the need to mobilize support, attract and engage young people in Nigeria.

With milk being consumed in almost every home in Africa and all around the world, this has surely been a Happy World Milk Day.

By Lineo Khabele