SA Matric Results 2021 causing a stir

There has been a lot of controversy when it comes to South Africa’s 2021 matric results.

From abolishing a tradition of the results being published on media platforms to the 30% pass mark being petitioned to end, decisions are all being made hastily.

In accordance to the protection of personal Information Act [POPIA], on January 11, 2022, the Department of Basic Education stated that matric results were no longer going to be published on media platforms. Throughout the years the results were made available on media platforms, popularly newspapers.

However yesterday the Pretoria High Court ruled that the results will be shared on media platforms after AfriForum challenged the decision.

Speaking to African View News Professor Elbie Henning shared her views nn the matric results being published on media platforms: “It’s not the whole country that will embarrass you, however it’s your immediate environment that persecutes you”. That statement clearly illustrates how the results being published on media platforms affect the mental health of matriculants.

Another issue that matriculants are dealing with is the 30% pass mark petition that was posed by One SA Movement leader, Mmusi Maimane. The petition seeks to end the 30% pass mark and a group of post matriculants African View News spoke to fully supported it. They made a point of how the 30% pass mark is actually putting matriculants at a disadvantage as it does not get them any tertiary entry.

“The pass mark comes as sabotage since the candidates only pass just to sit at home” one said.

Prof Elbie also mentioned that the high youth unemployment rate comprises young people have the 30% pass mark, which “just shows that there’s nothing much you can get out of the pass mark”.

“Having to go fetch your results at your nearest gas station would cause a lot of anxiety for me because along the way you meet different people who may have had their fate foretold”, said Mpho Chweunyane, a matric candidate who supports the DBE’s decision that got overruled by the high Court.

Meanwhile, the South African Editors Forum- SANEF has welcomed the court’s decision to publish the 2021 matric results. It says the non-publication of these results would likely have major financial setbacks for print media.

Private schools matric results were released yesterday with a 98.31 pass rate

DBE will release 2021 Matric results tomorrow -January 20, 2022.

By Lineo Khabele for African View News

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