SA, new home for Mozambique’s Fernando Mukeri

Fernando Mukeri is a salon owner from Mozambique and came to South Africa for work opportunities. Mukeri went to a boarding school back home and after completing came to South Africa. His first job in the country was tiling and later went to industrial firms in Durban.

Mukeri has not visited Mozambique in years citing the loss of his personal documents as the reason. With no child, siblings or wife left behind, the only person back home is his stepmother. “Aunty and her child are the only ones left – looking after my house” says Fernando.

Due to losing his personal documents, Mozambique feels foreign to Fernando as he has not visited home in a while and does not know much about the happenings of his home country.

Fernando says that South Africa has wide range of opportunities compared to his home country.

When asked about the education system in Mozambique and how different it is to the one received in South Africa, Fernando says SA offers the best education but says it’s who you know that determines one’s success.

“Success here is reached when you know someone in government besides that there is no hope”.

He points out that South Africans are able to exercise their rights; “in Mozambique you’d have to have money to enjoy your basic human rights”.

Fernando laments that life is SA is not easy but way better compared to life in his home country of Mozambique.

By Lineo Khabele for African View News