SA’s Young Undiscovered Talent

“My art represents the youth and freedom of expression”

Being able to communicate your feelings, thoughts, and what you perceive is what art is all about.

African View News’s Lineo Khabele had an opportunity to talk to a young gentleman who found his voice through his work. Thabelo Thame is a 26 year old who lives in Dlamini, Soweto who’s an aspiring artist who’s also making ends meet with a regular day job.

Thabelo first discovered his love for painting back in 2015 through his brother. “My brother had bought paint for his t-shirt and that’s how we started painting”, he says. Thabelo’s brother is the inspiration behind his painting ability and art.

“My art represents the youth and freedom of expression”, Thabelo enthuses. The young artist makes cartoons to please the inner child in him and feels that “we are happier when we are kids” hence his art gravitates to reaching out to the “purest form of happiness which was when we were growing up”.

Thabelo mentions that his art is not necessarily unique but what sets it apart is how he expresses himself in the painting. Art to a person who’s not an artist might hold a different message with what the actual artist was portraying.

According to the aspiring artist,” every time when a person paints emotions play a magnificent role as it attains the tone of whatever it is you are painting”.

Thabelo says his happiness and hurt is easy displayed on whatever piece he works on and tries by all means not to let his lowest days to ruin the perfection of his work.

Although most of his clients have a certain period of time they give him, they understand that he needs to channel his” third eye and arm for the piece they would be wanting at that given time”.

With juggling hits day job at a call center, Thabelo makes time for painting when he comes back from work.

“The common difficulties that most artists face is that they try to create something that is perfect for the next person but not for them”, he stresses.

“Create your own perfection and be happy”, the young artist concludes.

By Lineo Khabele for African View News

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