South Africans struggle amidst rising fuel prices

South African motorists are calling the fuel prices “a pandemic for motorists”

While fuel prices keep rising, the majority of transportation businesses are being affected negatively. Businesses in logistics, Taxis, Bolt/Uber, Buses and private car owners are the ones under a lot of strain.

An old saying goes ” When two elephants are fighting, the grass suffers”. In this case, ordinary South Africans are feeling wrath of fuel prices as transportation fares are increasing as well. In 2020 taxi fare increased even though many individuals lost their jobs due to the covid-19 lockdown. Two years later as people are still trying to find their feet, taxi fares have gone up again.

Mhlongo, a taxi owner in Soweto said that the increase in transportation fares is above them as taxi owners. “People need to know that taxi drivers need to make profit as well at the end of each day, if the prices were not increased taxis would just be a free service to passengers” he said.

A bolt driver when asked by African View News about how the rapid increase in fuel prices is affecting business, he said, “Most of the transportation businesses like buses and taxis have increased their prices while bolt still uses the same prices and still offers ridiculous amounts of discounts. Bolt drivers won’t be making profit as long as prices are not increased “, he said.

According to Beam-e, there are two factors that influence the price of fuel. There is the exchange rate which is the price of the dollar to the rand. Then there’s the rising prices in crude oil, transportation costs, taxes and levies. The Russia-Ukraine war has exacerbated the situation as many countries are experiencing soaring food and fuel prices.

By Lineo Khabele