South Africa’s 20-year-old virgin proud of her culture

Culture and tradition are nowadays considered outdated. Most Africans are shifting away from practicing in cultural customs.

 Liyema Lando is a proud 20-year-old virgin from Tsazo in Ngcobo, Eastern Cape. She is a first born child of Soyisi Lando and Nomahlubi Lando. She is one of the few young girls who still believe in the traditional way of doing things.

Lando believes that it is a woman’s pride to keep and protect her virginity. She is a model and a virgin for Amakhosazana ase Walter Sisulu University and she also owns an organization called Lando Abstinence, which was launching on Monday 10 January 2022 in Ngcobo, Eastern cape province.

Liyema started undergoing virginity testing last year in Amakhosazana ase WSU, as it was her first year in varsity. “I managed to stay a virgin till varsity and I’m planning on keeping it that way till I’m ready”, said Liyema.

She mentioned that, she chose this journey so that she can avoid all the challenges faced with having sexual activities out of wedlock. “Being a virgin at my age makes me proud, more especially seeing that I inspire a lot of girls”.

Liyema Lando encourages young girls to preserve their virginity

Amakhosazana ase Walter sisulu’ is a young women’s empowerment organization, that empowers young women to stay virgins until they graduate tertiary and also help them build a sisterhood relationship, and also to be independent.

“Being part of the organization minimises the rate of unplanned pregnancies and abortions”, asserted Liyema.

“We are embracing the values instilled in us by our parents of not engaging in sexual activities before marriage and to celebrate our roots and traditions”.

Lando Expressed how difficult it is for her to live such a different lifestyle, amongst a generation that doesn’t believe in customs anymore.

“I told my parents that I was still a virgin and taking virginity testing. They are grateful and very proud of me. This is the road I have chosen to take.”

She said her friends and other girls asked her how she managed to keep her virginity till this far.

“Some even regret that they gave up their virginity at an early age,” she said.

“The motivation of starting Lando Abstinence came when I saw that most south African girls are victims of teenage pregnancy. The organisation also focuses on victims of rape and gender based violence.

Liyema is mostly greatful for the love and support she gets from her family and friends. “They have my back through thick and thin”.

Her take to world is that’ Stop throwing mean words at ones success, rather applaud the success because everyone in this world has their own time to shine.

By Nomsa Zitha for African View News

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