South Africa’s Resilient Youth

South Africa’s unemployment rate keeps rising, with a shocking rate of 44.4% majority of the unemployed people being the youth.

Regardless of your educational level, finding a job in a South Africa is a challenge on its own. A lot of South African youth are discouraged by recruitment procedures and lack of job creation.

Covid-19 may be one of the contributing factors for such high unemployment rate. Ordinary South Africans are embarking on different means of combating poverty and unemployment in communities.

African View News had the opportunity of talking to a small business owner named Ayanda Bhebhe. Ayanda owns a tuck shop in a township in Soweto which he started in 2016. What inspired him to open the shop was the fact that back home in KwaZulu-Natal his family had a similar business and with the experience he had, he was able to provide essential goods to the community.

Ayanda acknowledges that thus far the only reason his business is not booming like the previous years is because of the unemployment rate. “My customers are unemployed”, he states. The relationship between him and his customers is healthier than ever as he is able to meet his regulars halfway.

Ayanda does not just have a tuck-shop but has property business ventures as well. If that’s not staying above water then nothing is.

The youth in South Africa has shown nothing but what resilience in trying times by starting businesses that will sustain themselves and contribute in growing the economy. Lately, street vendors, brand inventors, and business owners are mostly young people.

There are a variety of organizations in the country that focus on empowering the youth and educating them on entrepreneurial skills. Young people get to enhance their thinking capacity and also get to stay off the streets.

In the great words of the late former President Nelson Mandela: “The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow” and this is evident in some of SA youth conduct.

By Lineo Khabele for African View News

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