Uganda, Africa’s rough pearl of Africa

As intriguing the term “Pearl of Africa” may be to travelers/tourists, Uganda happens to be amongst the poorest country in Africa and the world.

Although it has breath taking safari destinations and wide range of bird species to capture anyone’s eyes, it still does not cloud the country’s economic status.

Yes, the list of amazing things about the country is endless, however it is not enough for the world to ignore the fact that 3.6 % of children suffer from malnutrition.

InUganda’s eastern region which is the poorest and has over 91 000 children suffering from malnutrition, the majority of the youth are facing high rates of unemployment.

Amongst other struggles the population rate is rapidly increasing, with over 43 million people. According to Global Hunger Index, the country’s population is expected to exceed 100 million by 2050.

Other parts that are not shown to travelers are human rights abuses and the political crisis that is being suffered by the civilians.

After the re-election of the current President Yoweri Museveni, opposition supporters were arrested, physically violated and some protesters were even killed.

According to Human Rights Watch, Authorities in Uganda stepped up restrictions on freedoms of expression and assembly ahead of general elections in February 2021.

Authorities broke up opposition rallies, arrested government critics and opposition members, and placed restrictions on media. Security forces used Covid-19 restrictions as a pretext to beat, extort, and arbitrarily detain people.

Uganda is the pearl of Africa because of the abundant biodiversity and its serene beauty. Yet as the country faces starvation, malnutrition and unemployment, it is a sharp contrast to refer to the country as the pearl of Africa.

By Lineo Khabele