Uganda schools reopen after almost two-years of covid closure

Uganda schools reopened on Monday after closing for two years since Covid-19 hit. The schools lacked standard operating procedures (SOP) to control and mitigate the spread of Covid-19 for a better learning environment.

After two years of school closure, it has become difficult for most learners to back to school.

It has been reported that the youth blame the Ugandan government as they have suffered the consequences of school closure.  Speaking to Reuters, a 16-year-old girl blamed the government after she was impregnated by an old man.

“Had the schools not closed for two years, I would not have become pregnant”.

Young girls have become pregnant and young boys ended up smoking. Ugandan officials predicted that a third of children would not be returning to school after the school had closed for such a long time.

The future of Uganda’s youth is at stake as it has a high rate of unemployment, with the illiterate rate has now taking its toll.

By Jones Maleka for African View News