Ugandan teachers resign amidst rising education challenges

Uganda schools on Monday re-opened after almost 2 years of closure due to covid-19. The schools closed due to lack of standard operating procedures to control and mitigate the spread of Covid-19 for a better learning environment.

Apart from the covid-19 challenge, the country’s education system suffered numerous challenges that are still persistent amid the return to school.

Not only are learners struggling to adapt after almost 2 years of closure, teachers are also grappling with the many challenges in the education system.

Child abuse and teenage pregnancy became on the rise due to the long break as many cases were reported during this period.

Authorities in Tororo district in the east of the country tried to forcefully send some students back to school as a large number of them no longer wanted to return to class.

“The most pressing challenges have to do with the nature of education facilities, inadequate learning material as well as poor salaries for teachers”, said Ugandan journalist Felix Turyamusiima speaking to African View News.

Government funding is also inadequate, hampering smooth operations in the education system. The education department has been faced with these challenges for years, resulting in many teachers leaving the vocation.

 African View News journalist Jones Maleka speaks to Felix Turyamusiima as he further elaborates on these challenges. Take a listen…

By Jones Maleka for African View News

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